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Jason Riggs

Next-Gen Marketing Leader & AI Champion
Metro East
As a Next-Gen Marketer & AI Champion, I help companies make sense of their marketing tactics & strategies so they can provide best-in-class customer experiences while maximizing ROI.  I do this by combining my proclivity for creative problem solving; "big picture" thinking; passion for end-user tech, especially AI; and deep interest in business ops.  I am without a doubt a life-long learner and am currently working towards my certification as an Executive Coach and Agile Marketing Professional.  Armed with these designations in addition to my 20+ years of experience working side-by-side with leaders in the C-Suite, I will have an even greater impact on the organization, its stakeholders and its customers by helping marketing leaders & their teams break through the "noise" to truly understand what AI is and isn't; how to apply AI in their daily work; and helping them to understand and calculate the ROI of such implementations--which are becoming more and more imperative as their businesses mature.

I derive personal satisfaction from directly helping others and am highly collaborative, hands-on and data driven. I naturally generate lots of new ideas and ways of doing things and am curious about how things work. I can help uncover possibilities and like to be included in brainstorming sessions, or whenever new and different solutions must be found. I would be most happy executing all of the above in a tech start-up; a Luxury B2C environment such as Luxury Consumer Electronics/The Internet of Things (IoT)/Smart Homes; or Luxury Automobile Research and Development, Manufacturing and Sales; or Luxury Hospitality including but not limited to Urban Hotels and Destination Resorts & Hotels.