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Anthony Bartlett

Founder & President
The vexing problem of attracting and retaining talented transplants caught Anthony’s attention early in his career. The St. Louis native had earned a bachelor of arts degree in government from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and then returned to his hometown, where he worked in the non-theatrical film industry as a liaison for distribution, investments and independent financing. He frequently encountered newcomers leaving St. Louis without having found their sense of belonging. He also met employers who, while seeking to lure top talent, were stymied by job candidates’ reluctance to accept job offers or relocate with loved ones. Anthony identified that traditional relocation platforms were missing a key social and cultural elements of relocation, and in 2010 he founded St. Louis Transplants (now Acclimate) to connect newcomers to a personalized network of non-commissioned host guides and peers who provide customized exposure to neighborhoods and experiences that resonate. Acclimate places relationships at the center of attracting talented transplants during their decision-making process and retaining new hires thereafter. Anthony’s background helps him visualize the overarching storylines about St. Louis and encourages people to ask questions and share authentic reactions to life in the metro area. Moreover, his familiarity with other cities’ amenities helps him align transplants’ interests with the cultural, culinary, arts, sports, entertainment, education and innumerable other offerings locally. He is recognized as a leader in regional expansion, and his work is considered key to the growth and sustainability of St. Louis as a world-class city.